The Modern Way to Buy and Own a Luxury Holiday Home

The modern way to buy and own a luxury holiday home for less.

We are very happy to announce our new and exciting partnership with the hottest and fastest growing property-tech company in the world – Pacaso Homes. Pacaso reached a unicorn status in only 5 months, the fastest company ever to do so. Today Pacaso is valued at €1.5bn and recently secured another €125M in a Series C funding led by SoftBank. 

Pacaso together with Jason Callow Homes offers a modern way to buy and own a luxury second hole for significantly lower cost and removed the typical hassles of home ownership. Pacaso buys amazing single-family homes in top locations and creates a Spanish limited company (SL) for each home. Buyers purchase the amount of ownership that meets their needs, starting at 1/8. 

Each home has a maximum of eight owners, and when the home has been fully sold Pacaso does not retain any ownership. Pacaso professionally manages the home, handling home design, cleaning, maintenance, bills payment, repairs, accounting, taxes and more. In addition, every home owner will have access to exclusive concierge services. Owners use the company’s equitable SmartStay scheduling system to book stays in their turnkey home anywhere from two days to two years in advance.