Keeping Supercars

With the high prices of these cars, it’s worth spending more to keep them secure

When you can afford the top cars on the market, the next question is where to store them. While some are content with one car, most of the super-rich enjoy a selection, putting them on display in extravagant home garages.

For Oprah Winfrey, who lives high in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, the most regular threat to her drive is snow. For this reason she invested in a heated driveway to ensure her wheels are ready for a spin despite a night’s snowstorm.

Some super-rich car lovers invest many millions into car storage, often giving their vehicles their own room in the house. As opposed to leaving their cars parked outside, car elevators have been invented to carry the car and its driver into the house’s designated garage. This means speedy commutes for the driver, getting them onto the road without needing to step outside.

The Car Carousel

This underground garage was designed by British entrepreneur Jon Hunt to store his many Ferraris

1. Easy access

When returning home in the car of the day, the billionaire simply drives into a lift on the driveway, which carries the car below ground.

2. Underground extension

The design adds an extra five-storey chamber underneath the home.

3. Sizable museum

The entire basement is 24 metres in height, creating a spacious car museum.

4. Parking space

At 55 metres in length, the garage is about half as long as a football pitch.

5. Glass interiors

This Ferrari showroom comes with glass floors, and the cars are surrounded by decorative glass beams.

6. Parking

Exiting the lift underground, the car is driven into its chosen position to rejoin the display.

7. Spinning wheel

Hunt has over 30 cars, but a few of his most prized hold positions on this carousel. When taking one out for a drive, the car is selected and the wheel spins to release it at the bottom.