Expensive Luxuries for Each Room

5 Facts about Expensive Luxuries for Each Room


1. Bedroom

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has designed a £1.2 million ($1.65 million) floating bed. The design uses strong magnets to keep the user hovering above the ground all night.

2. Bathroom

A bathtub was sold for £1.5 million ($2 million) because it was made of 180-million-year-old petrified wood. Designer Nigel Fenwick discovered the wood while exploring an Indonesian rainforest.

3. Living room

The 370-inch Titan Zeus is the largest TV screen you can buy. Costing £1.17 million ($1.6 million), the screen is made for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Kitchen

Instead of simply storing and cooling food, smart fridges can analyse the food inside, alerting you to which foods you’re running out of and which are going off.

5. Garden

Finding the time to tend to the plants in your garden can be difficult, so why not have a computer monitor each plant? That’s what Bill Gates did to his favourite maple tree. When it gets dry, water is pumped to the roots.