Billionaires’ Home Technology

Past the front doors of the world’s wealthiest are the most extravagant pieces of home tech money can buy. If you’ve a spare billion in the bank, you might have one or two of these in your home…


Walker the Robot Butler

Long seen in futuristic films, the latest personal robots are bringing this idea into the real world. Walker is one of the most intelligent creations from UBTECH Robotics. Designed for the home, Walker can answer the door when the doorbell sounds, wait on you, put away your belongings, communicate with you and follow you around the house. While unable to run just yet, the aptly named Walker has mastered the human stance and remembers the house layout as it navigates the floors and stairs. They say you can’t buy friends, but as well as performing useful functions, UBTECH has worked on Walker’s human skills: it can dance, play and chat.


Ultimate Security

It doesn’t matter how lavish or humble our homes are, most people will feel concerned by the prospect of a robbery. Our houses are personal to us, containing our prized possessions, sentimental items and – in the case of some of the richest people – millions of pounds worth of technology.

As people gain money, they also gain attention. They are often at a higher risk of burglary, as well as darker crimes like kidnapping for ransom. However, owning the most desirable homes often means being able to afford some of the top security features. A turned key in the door isn’t enough for the largest mansions. Any intruder daring to approach could face a 24-hour doorman guarding the entrance, instantly deployed shutters to close off the most valuable rooms and in some cases weapons. Remotely deployed fog blasts can be used to act as a visual barrier. If it doesn’t scare the intruder away, it will stop them from seeing their way to valuable possessions.

Escaping Threats


1. Bulletproof windows

Windows are often weak points for breaking and entering. But with large window panels creating a well-lit and stylish aesthetic, those who can afford it often opt for bulletproof glass. This provides them with their desired views without them becoming an easy target.

2. Biometric entry

Instead of using physical keys, many of the world’s richest use biometric scanners. Iris recognition is the fastest and most reliable, analysing unique patterns in the eye.

3. Rooftop heliport

In areas prone to natural disasters like fires and earthquakes, an efficient escape is essential. Installing a helipad on the roof of their homes, billionaires can be whisked away to avoid entrapment.

4. Footstep detector

Whether used at night or when the owner is residing in one of their other homes, detectors in the floorboards can alert them to suspicious activity within their mansions. Advanced systems use this data to estimate the number of people in the home, alerting the homeowner when numbers are above the usual.

5. Luxury hideaway

For the super-rich, this bunker is more plush than most people’s main living area. Equipped with around a week’s food supply, it can become an underground home until the threat has passed.

6. Safe communication

Connected to surveillance cameras, movement above ground can be observed on screens. Microphones wired to the home’s sound system can also allow those in the bunker to talk to intruders.

7. Escape route

Access points to the bunker can be designed to hide behind secret walls. When all members of the household are safely underground, the entrances are locked shut.

8. Infrared cameras

In most houses, it’s impossible for your eyes to be on all rooms at once. But for those owning sizable mansions, checking every room simply takes too long. When your home is immense, there are areas you might not visit every day. Surveillance cameras act as essential extra eyes on your home, while infrared cameras are effective in locating the body heat of an intruder.

9. Biological wash

This may look like your average shower, but for a price of a few thousand pounds you can attach a biological washing system. In the event of a biological attack, toxic chemicals and biological agents can be washed away instantly from home.


Playground for the Rich


Golf simulation

For any golf fan wanting to improve on their game, an in-house simulator provides all-weather practise on virtual courses without needing to make a trip to the local golf course. For Jeff Bezos, this purchase was to accompany the real golf course that he already owns, which his mansion overlooks.

Personal cinemas

Who doesn’t like to put their feet up and watch a new series, start a movie marathon or see what’s on TV? People can spend many hours fixated on the box in the corner of the living room. But when money has no limits, what size TV do you get? A popular feature for many is a movie room. With their own personal cinemas, members of the family and any guests can often have a row to themselves as the screen fills an entire wall.

Indoor exercise

Gyms have become increasingly popular as people strive for healthier bodies and wish to look after their mental wellbeing. However, you won’t find some of the richest individuals in these overcrowded facilities. They have all the equipment they need at home. As part of his personal gym, Jeff Bezos’ Manhattan home comes with a yoga studio.